The Moment (Your POV)

He Finds Out You Cut (Warning: Might possibly be triggering. I doubt it will, but if you can’t handle this for whatever reason, then please do not read it.)


During Your Pregnancy


The Little Things He Does

Fix You

You And Your Kids Surprise Him On Tour

You Lose A Loved One

Your Daughter Has Her Period When You’re Not Home

He Finds Out You Smoke

They Don’t Know About Us

New Year’s Eve

You Have Cancer: Part 1 - Part 2

You’re Taller/As Tall As Him

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

He Loves When You

Decorating The Nursery

Over Again

You Fight With Your Parents

The First Ultrasound

You Move In

The First Time He Says I Love You

You’re His Celebrity Crush

It’s Cold Outside

Your First Kiss

Your Song

You Choose Your Vacation Spot

You Run Into Your Ex

Your Friends Betray You

He Comes To Your Graduation

You Get Mobbed By Fans

You’re Teaching Him Your Favorite Sport

He Spots You In A Crowd

You’re On Your Period

He Loves When You Wear His

An Interviewer Says Your Name

Your First Date

He Sees You Upset

Your First Time Spending The Night At His Flat

A Day In Hawaii With Him

A Summer Night Out With Him

He Gets Jealous

Meeting His Parents

First Christmas As A Married Couple

Painting Your New Apartment

He Thinks You’re Asleep

The Fans Don’t Take The News Of Your Relationship Well

You’re At Home Sick

You Run Into Him At The Beach

You Go Shopping Together

He Tries To Teach You How To Play Football (Soccer)

Somebody Breaks Into Your Flat

How You First Became Friends

His Nickname For You

What He Says To Win You Back

A Lazy Day Together

You Take Your Daughter To The Circus

You Are In A Car Accident

The Proposal

Your Daughter Is Born

You Buy A Pet Together

It’s Storming

He’s Teaching You To Drive

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